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Frequently Asked Questions - Jenny Beg


How long will it take my dog to lose the weight?



The speed of weight loss greatly depends on the amount of extra weight your dog needs to shed. One pound to a dog can be the equivalent of 5-10lbs for a human, so it's important to focus on your dog losing the weight safely, not necessarily quickly.

The average time it takes to slim up your pooch on the Jenny Beg™ program is 4 months. Again, this varies for every dog. Many factors can affect your dog's program, age, activity level, and starting weight. No matter how long it takes, we will be there to help!



On the order form for my starter kid what weight should I choose?



Please choose the ideal weight your dog should be at the end of the program. This weight can be determined by your veterinarian.




How come the weights listed on the order form are in 5lb increments? What if my dog is on the lower end of the weight bracket?


We have listed the weight brackets in 5lb increments to give you some wiggle room for extra food or treats needed. If you are in the lower end of the weight bracket, don't worry! You'll be getting the same amount of food and treats as everyone else, yours will just last you a little longer!



Do I have to feed Homegrown Hounds™ food products to participate in the program?



Yes, the high protein diet and abundant nutrition is what makes this weight loss program work. Unfortunately feeding commercial dog food will not yield the same results. If you wish, you can switch back to commercial dog food after your dog has completed the program, but we think your dog will be so healthy and happy you won't want to!



When can I talk to my Personal Pet Nutritionist?



Anytime! You can email your Personal Pet Nutritionist anytime and receive a response within 4hrs during the day. You can come by our store anytime, and you can call us at 1-888-YAY-COWS anytime during business hours! The Homegrown Hounds™Dog Deli and Bakery is open from 12-6pm Monday through Sunday.



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