Wholesale Dog Menu

Are you ready to take your dog-friendly restaurant to a whole new level? Introducing Homegrown Hounds’ irresistible Dog Menu, crafted exclusively for our furry friends with love and care.

At Homegrown Hounds, we understand that dogs are more than just pets; they’re cherished members of the family. That’s why we’ve meticulously designed a menu that will make tails wag and mouths water. Our dog-approved dishes are made from the finest, all-natural ingredients, ensuring optimal nutrition and irresistible flavors.

Why settle for generic options when you can offer a culinary experience tailored specifically for our canine companions? From tail-wagging treats to wholesome meals, our Dog Menu offers a wide variety of delectable delights that will have dogs begging for more. Imagine their joy as they savor our mouthwatering, veterinarian-approved meals that cater to their unique dietary needs.

But it doesn’t stop there! Our menu goes beyond just a snack. We offer a range of meal-replacing, snack-satiating and strong chewer items. Plus, frozen ice cream treats, perfect for those hot summer days!

By featuring Homegrown Hounds’ Dog Menu, you’ll attract dog lovers from all walks of life who want nothing but the best for their four-legged companions. Imagine the smiles on your customers’ faces as they witness their furry friends relishing in a dining experience created just for them.

Plus, we’re not just here to offer a delicious menu. We’re your partners in success. Our team will provide you with expert guidance, promotional materials, and ongoing support to ensure your dog menu becomes a roaring success. We understand the unique needs of dog-friendly establishments, and we’re committed to helping you create an extraordinary experience for both dogs and their human companions.

So, why wait? Join the pack of dog-friendly restaurants that are revolutionizing the dining experience. Stand out from the crowd and tap into the booming market of pet lovers. Contact Homegrown Hounds today and let’s make tails wag and customers rave about your dog menu! 🐶❤️

Starter Kit Includes 12 of each Dog Menu item with packaging (if applicable, please see product description).

20 printed Dog Menu’s are free with order purchase. Digital Image will also be provided to add to a digital menu.

All products are good in the freezer up to 6 months, and can be heated before serving (except ice cream) for 3-5 minutes under the warming lamp. A guide for servers will also be included to field any questions, offer guidance.

All wholesale orders are shipped/delivered within 7 business days.

Limited Time Offer: Free Ice Cream Pawty! 2hr event hosted by Homegrown Hounds at your establishment to promote the Dog Menu. Ice cream samples will be given out to each dog, contest, games and prizes. Available for booking after 5pm (due to extreme summer heat!). Once you place your order, we will reach out to you to book your Pawty! Offer Expires 6/30/23.

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